Thursday, 10 February 2011

Spring Gardens and Statue of Basaweshar

From the Chair of Friends of Spring Gardens:

Lambeth Council welcomes proposal, as do Friends of Spring Gardens, to erect a statue of Basaweshar in Spring Gardens. See below for Lambeth's position statement, addressed to Friends of Spring Gardens:

'Thank you for your deputation at the Lambeth Council meeting of 19 January.

'The Council welcomes the proposal to erect a statue of Basaweshar in Spring Gardens and for the generous donation of £250,000 towards the regeneration and improvement of Spring Gardens. We note the support of the Friends of Spring Gardens who will be the recipients of the Donation.

'The Council has identified a site for the statue but this will of course be subject to the necessary planning approvals.

'Officers of the Council have met with Dr Neeraj Patil to discuss the formal administrative arrangements required for this project to proceed.

'The Council notes that the full cost of the design and project management and construction as well as future maintenance costs will be met by a Trust to be established by Dr Patil and his associates.

'Arrangements are currently being made for a further meeting between the Council, the Friends of Spring Gardens and Dr Patil to progress this project.'

Letter signed by:
Derek Prentice
Interim Head of Sport and Recreation
Cultural Services
Adults' and Community Services
London Borough of Lambeth

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