Thursday, 19 April 2012

Our Wishes for Vauxhall (from Workshop in June 2008)

The following notes are from a workshop about needs held at our AGM in June 2008. We think our wishes then, though sometimes contradictory, are still very relevant today


Alternative to gyratory system
Better management for cycle routes
Improved pedestrian access to all sations
Improved access to North and West side to underground
Install lifts to Rail station platforms
Ticket office better manned
Improved pedestrian route signage
Bus station weather proof for passengers
Clearer indications at bus stops
Introduce facilities for taxis

Tall Buildings

Alternatives to tall buildings?
Anything! But perhaps high density, low rise
More human scale development

To make them acceptable?
High quality, with architectural merit and not too many - necessary to have good community space, halls, swimming pool and sports facilities
More trees, especially on traffic island and small corners

Not all along the river (view of the river is an important and historical asset)
Least impact next to river (away from traditional residential buildings)

Overall comment
Vauxhall is lacking any "town centre" and too many high buildings will completely destroy any feel of a "Town Centre". More facilities such as an art gallery needed to attract people into the area.

Housing - tackled by three groups - combined results, some overlap with Tall Buildings group

Wish List
Additional Housing
Family housing with space for children
Also need development by Nine Elms Lane
Need gardens and Square for family use, bicycle parks
Improved public housing
Balance of all types, eco friendly on a human scale
No concentration of tall buildings in bus area
Not toohigh on island sites at Vauxhall Cross
Reduce road capacity and reintroduce two way streets
Developments must maintain riverfront for local people
Replace Tesco/Sainsbury car park with housing

Community Facilities

Wish List
London-wide national facilities
e.g. Specialist sports centre
Large swimming pool
Section 106 must stay locally
New facilities to be built away from immediate development
Play facilities for chldren/childcare places
Sports/Youth facilities
Small scale facilities which work
School places needed

Shopping Wish List

Small independent shops (Lambeth Walk)
Occasional Markets (Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens)
Shopping in town centre environment (Vauxhall Town)

Streets, Parks, Open Space Wish List

Pedestrian path along whole of river frontage (railway and viaduct streets in general)
Better lighting and signage of East-West arches
Unblock streets e.g. Whitgift St
Remove speed bumps in Black Prince Road

Parks & Open Spaces

More rubbish bins
More public toilets