Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Library meetings - Tate South Lambeth, 4 and 12 April

Laura of Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library, writes:

What are you doing in April? Make sure you do THIS!


Lambeth Council has published a report - Cooperative Libraries – which sets out its proposals for a library service that is “co-produced” by the Council and the general public.

These proposals have very serious implications:

· for the level of the library service we can expect at Tate South Lambeth Library over the next two years, since our funding is due to fall to almost half what it was in the past 12 months.

· for the continuation of that library service, since the report proposes that the “community” will come forward to “co-produce” that service. So what if it does not? Or if some community organisation takes on the role of co-producer and then collapses? What happens then?

We have an opportunity to raise these questions – and any others – at two public meetings at which Council representatives will seek local feedback. They are to be held at Tate South Lambeth library, South Lambeth Road, SW8 on:

Wednesday April 4th at 7-9pm

Thursday April 12th at 10am-noon

It is vital that the Council is made aware of local feeling –

what you think of the proposals, what you want from the library,

what you see as the role of the community.

So come along and have your say. We need you!!

You can still pick up the report at the library or download it from the Lambeth website (www.lambeth.gov.uk/CooperativeLibraries). It’s lengthy, at 28 pages - so Friends of TSL have written a summary which you can find at www.tatesouthlambethfriends.org