Monday, 30 May 2011

Volunteering opportunities at Oasis, Stockwell

Oasis has an exciting opportunity to obtain a new building, get the indoor space we desperately need and save a piece of London's architectural history from a landfill site.

To do this your help is urgently need.

Coin Street Community Builders have donated their former office space, a pioneering, bolt together Walter Segal building currently situated on Upper Ground near the National Theatre, to Oasis. We have two weeks to systematically dismantle the building and move it to Oasis where it will be re-built and begin its new life in the heart of Stockwell at the centre of our vibrant community.

Here's how you can help:

Sign up for one of the two volunteer weekends on 4th & 5th June and 11th & 12th June

Give some time during the week (Between 1st June and 17th June) to help the team of skilled workers

Tell as many people as possible about the project and how to get involved

Please call Jess on 020 7720 4276 or email

Your support is needed to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, rescue a building and strengthen a community.