Sunday, 28 March 2010

VNEB Opportunity Area Planning Framework

from Viva Vauxhall:

This has crept up on us a bit with all the furore over the Octave Tower, but it's still not too late to object! (Deadline 29 March).

If the GLA's VNEB (Vauxhall, New Elms, Battersea) Opportunity Area Framework is adopted, this will open the floodgates not just for a few tall buildings, but effectively a new town on the edge of Central London with the highest population density in the UK.

There will be an anticipated 16.000 additional dwellings and approx. 20.000 office workers coming into the area over the next 15 years with no extra public funds for infrastructure such as transport, schools, green spaces etc. other than what can be generated from planning gain - some of which the Mayor will want for Cross Rail (this will not even service this area).

Local Council Planning Laws appear to either being watered down or superseded by the new GLA Framework, which doesn't even meet the Mayor's own Plan Objectives!

There is a frightening lack of absence of any coherent strategy, seemingly allowing a complete 'free for all' for developers!

Object to the Framework by Monday, 5pm, by e-mailing with "VNEB OAPF" in the subject line.