Thursday, 25 March 2010

Octave tower comes crashing down...

By Pete Morris of Viva Vauxhall

The planning application for the 149m Octave tower on the Bondway storage site was rejected last night. In a stunning victory for local campaigners, the planning committee slammed the bulk and height of the tower, the negative impact on the Vauxhall Conservation Area, loss of amenity for residents and loss of local employment space.

There was an impressive turnout of objectors, including Viva Vauxhalls¹s Jimmy and Andrea as well as contributions from Cllr Sawdon, Kennington Association, Waterloo Community Development Group and the Friends of Vauxhall Park.

Councillors accused the developer - which has already announced it¹s intention to appeal - of giving ³two fingers² to residents and the planning committee in its macho response, and its refusal to tone down the scheme after an earlier critical meeting.

The decision appears to mark a fight-back against the drift towards a Å’high-rise¹ Vauxhall, and the planning committee said that it was concerned that developers did not appear to be taking into account the social impact of their schemes.

The application will now be heard later in the year at a full public planning inquiry.