Sunday, 14 August 2011

Message from Cllr Steve Reed, Leader of Lambeth Council

From Steve Reed

I am sure like me you have been shocked and upset by the incidents taking place across London and here in Lambeth over recent days.

I've spoken to many people from all sections of the community and they have all said the same thing – that there is absolutely no justification for the kind of vandalism and looting. They are shocked and appalled by what they have seen in Lambeth and elsewhere and are united in condemnation of this type of behaviour, which has no place in our community.

Let's be clear - this was opportunistic criminal behaviour by a tiny minority intent on causing disruption and stealing from businesses. This will not undermine the huge progress made over the past decade to build trust and respect. Lambeth has a strong and united community and over recent years we have benefited from strong community relations and sensitive policing.

On Monday I went on a walkabout around Brixton first thing and saw the clean-up operation in full swing. We know that there has been activity elsewhere in the borough including parts of Streatham and Clapham and we are working with businesses and the police across the borough to make sure all town centres and areas affected are restored to normal working as quickly as possible. We will also offer all the support we can to the police with their investigations, and to local residents and businesses that have been affected to get them back on their feet.

The main clear up of Brixton High Street has now been done, but if you still want to do something to help you could speak to local shop owners to see whether they need any assistance. I think it is important to be thinking about neighbours and friends, particularly older residents who may be feeling vulnerable, now is a good time to pay them a visit to check they are alright. You can find further safety advice is available on our website at:

I think it is also really important at this time that we recognise the really positive activities and events going on in Lambeth. A great time was had by all at the 2011 Lambeth Country Show despite the wet weather. And the Brixton Splash and the Streatham Festival were also excellent events organised and run by local people. These are just a few examples of why Lambeth is a great place to live and visit.

One of the things that we are focused on is not allowing these recent events to prevent the good work that so many officers and residents are involved with. Our vision for Lambeth is about working differently with you so that you can help to decide the way services are delivered and run and where there is an appetite, to give more control to you.

Please get in touch with me if you have any concerns, my email is

With best wishes

Steve Reed

Leader of the Council