Monday, 11 July 2011

Walcot grant information - low income parents

A message from the Daycare trust is below:

The Walcot Foundation are offering a generous grant this academic year of up to £5,000 to low income parents in Lambeth who would like to study or train as a pathway into employment but who cannot afford childcare.

Daycare Trust is working with the Walcot Foundation to promote this grant and to advise parents on their childcare options and on other help with their childcare costs. This is a really exciting opportunity for parents

Quick eligibility checklist for Lambeth students – parent must answer yes to each of these questions

§ Do you currently live in Lambeth and have lived there for at least one year?

§ Are you receiving out-of-work means-tested benefits, earning very low wages or not entitled to state benefits?

§ Will you be occupied for at least 21 hours each week with a combination of education, training (this does not include study time), employment, work experience, voluntary work, personal development or job search?

Please refer all parents who you think might be eligible for the grant to our helpline number 020 7940 7533 and the Daycare Trust will discuss it with them in more detail and send them an application form if they meet the criteria. If assistance with completing the application form is required, the Walcot Foundation have an advice worker who can help with this, the contact details are on the application form.

The Walcot Foundation are looking for goal setting and an associated action plan to get there. Walcot have a careers adviser who can help with the action planning / goal setting and it may be a condition of the grant that the applicant attends a meeting with them. The careers adviser will contact them directly to arrange this if this is the case.

The Walcot Foundation aim to process applications within 6 weeks but this may be longer during busy periods.

Please feel free to call us if you would like us to send you some promotional materials to distribute to parents or require any further information about the project.

from: Jan Burt
Information & Training Officer
Daycare Trust
2nd Floor, Novas Contemporary Urban Centre

73 – 81 Southwark Bridge Road

London SE1 0NQ
Tel: 0845 872 6260

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