Monday, 13 June 2011

Vauxhall Gyratory - from Val Shawcross

For many years now, a regular subject of the letters and emails I receive – particularly from cyclists, is the matter of the Vauxhall Gyratory, or to be more precise the mini-motorway looping round what should be the gateway to South London! These multiple lanes of fast moving traffic are off-putting to cyclists and pedestrians and add nothing to the charm of the area.

Lambeth councillors in the area and I have been pressing Transport for London for start developing proper long term plans for the Vauxhall area Some of you will remember that in fact, the gyratory was only meant to be a temporary measure, yet it has now been in place for some eight years. Ultimately, myself and the council would like to see the gyratory removed and a return to two-way working at this junction along with improvements to make life more comfortable and accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. However, I am concerned that Mayor Boris Johnson’s policies of ‘smoothing the traffic’ for motorists will hamper calls to restore two way traffic at Vauxhall.

My colleagues and I will be continuing the press for the best outcome for all road users at Vauxhall, as well as achieving a more attractive streetscape for Vauxhall’s residents, workers and visitors. If any readers have any comments about the gyratory I would be happy to hear from you - please write to me at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2AA or

Yours faithfully
Valerie Shawcross AM
London Assembly Member for Lambeth & Southwark.

Valerie Shawcross AM
LONDON Assembly Member
Lambeth & Southwark
City Hall
The Queen's Walk